A fun play on perspective through exaggerated scale

high view of dining room and living room high view of kitchen

In this VR experience, you are put in the role of a tiny adventurer exploring a normal-sized house while collecting various food and trinkets along the way.

There are 11 tiny items to collect. Once you pick up a collectable, swing your hand over your shoulder to place it in your backpack.

While this experience is meant to be fun and relaxing, it is timed. You will have 12 in-game hours (7:00am to 7:00pm) to collect all the items. You can check the time by looking at your left wristwatch. Can you collect all 11 items?

"Best VR experience I’ve been in. It was really cute and really good quality, and it wasn’t too hard or too easy. Good attention to detail. I love the dust particles and music."

"Very satisfying to hear the reward sound when I put things into my backpack."

"This is so fun…I love things that play with scale."

"I like the environment a lot, it felt very alive. I like the mechanics, everything felt intuitive."

player collecting magnet player collecting tea bag then teleporting from a table down to the floor